Every Great Story Starts, With An Idea…

On October 16, 2017, Anderson Redding Tehama Scholarship Theatre (ARTS Theatre), was created, originating from the observation of Playwright Denise Derk that youth in theater work just as hard as athletes and musicians, but have few opportunities to receive funding for their college education. Denise had just finished directing her first produced play, “The Cost of Winning” at Riverfront Playhouse in Redding, CA, and was amazed at the talent and dedication of her Cast & Crew Members, but realized the work they did on her play came at a detriment to their college studies and employment.

Having grown up in Theater, Denise knew many talented performers must take a hiatus or permanently leave Theater once they become young adults due to financial pressures, and those who major in Theater may go years before the amount they spend is offset by their earnings.

When Denise discussed the situation with fellow Actors Dave Derk & Michael Killingbeck, the idea of a Non-Profit organization that could produce theatrical events and provide scholarships was born. Actor John Bohatch agreed to serve on the Board, providing a college student’s point of view, and so the observation that was judged to be a need went from being an idea, to being a reality.

In the Performing Arts Center at Red Bluff High School is a statement “Dedicated to the belief that experience in the Arts is basic to education, and essential to humanity,” that the Board Members for ARTS Theatre believe to be true. While we are a small organization, we hope to have a big impact on the lives of our Scholarship Recipients as we move forward, and we hope you will join us on our journey as we strive to successfully accomplish our mission!